I think I have finally settled on a Linux distribution.

My requirements are simple: Install and run easily as a VMWare Workstation guest operating system; Don’t confuse me too much with the UI; Make it easy to get multimedia stuff installed; I do reserve the right to keep trying stuff out. However, I’ve settled on KUbuntu. Yesterday, I easily upgraded from v12.10 to the latest […]

PHP debates! Good one

I have a lot of respect for Phil Sturgeon. Have read some great articles by Phil over the years. He’s digging in here: http://philsturgeon.co.uk/blog/2013/04/is-psr0-shortsighted-or-are-you This guy (Tom Butler) is new to me – but he’s a good writer and makes some really interesting points. I’m able to follow his code for the most part: http://r.je/php-psr-0-pretty-shortsighted-really.html. He seems very bright. […]