Windows USB fix

On one of my windows boxes I was simply unable to use my favorite backlit keyboard. ┬áIt’s a USB device.

After much frustration – I found that copying this file from another machine fixed it:

C:\Windows\inf> dir usb.inf
Directory of C:\Windows\inf
11/20/2010 10:28 PM 42,536 usb.inf

I do a lot of cleaning (and deep cleaning); my bad for clobbering that file.

IE 9 / Javascript fix

New notebook computer; I always clean out as much crap as possible.

Apparently – I cleaned too much. Was unable to run any web page with Javascript. Also, found out later that Windows Media Player failed.

Tried all the usual things – add/remove IE, WMP, whatever.

What worked:

run regsvr32 on all these: