Learning Markdown

I *love* lynda.com‘s courses. They are included free from my local public library system – http://hclib.org.

And – this Lynda.com Markdown course is very good. Great, even.

However: I am ANGRY and ANNOYED that Markdown even exists. What? Yet another markup language? Supposedly dumbed-down – a layer over HTML?

I just don’t get it. Utter nonsense. Oh well. By the way: This is an excellent site for creating and editing Markdown documents: https://stackedit.io/editor

Using Python 2.x and 3.x on Windows

This works for me. I’m not using Python’s virtualenv stuff. Yet.

I use the excellent ActivePython distributions for Windows from ActiveState: http://www.activestate.com/activepython.

Install the 2.x and 3.x flavors. You should see a package named ‘pythonselect’. That gives you the pysel command:

C:\>pip list

pythonselect (1.3)

C:\>where pysel

// which Python are we running? looks like 3.4:
* Python 3.4
Python 2.7 (type “pysel 2.7” to set as current)

C:\Users\dwight>python –version
Python 3.4.3

// switch to Python 2.7:
C:\>pysel 2.7
Python 3.4 (type “pysel 3.4” to set as current)
* Python 2.7

// exit the command line shell, and open a new command line shell instance:

// which Python are we running? looks like 2.7:
Python 3.4 (type “pysel 3.4” to set as current)
* Python 2.7

C:\>python –version
Python 2.7.10