I’ve just got to give a shout-out to this. Since Windows Vista, I’ve really liked the ability to have some extremely handy desktop gadgets. Microsoft tried killing these off with Windows 7, and now with Windows 8.1.

Here’s a screen shot of what’s on my desktop on most of my Windows boxes.


install this first: http://8gadgetpack.net/



I have been happy with Bitbucket

Free source code hosting.

Years ago, I was trying to decide between Subversion, Mercurial, and Git. I liked Mercurial because it was written in Python. I created a Mercurial code hosting account at Bitbucket.

Git won the version control wars. Subversion is now considered evil by the cool kids, and you don’t hear much about Mercurial any more.

Bitbucket used to be only Mercurial – but they added Git several years ago.

By NOT having my source code hosted at GitHub makes me special.


It’s not just me: The long tortured history of Python packaging


I was not able to “get it” over the years – because it changed about every 10 minutes. Buy a book – and it was obsolete before it was printed.

The only other Python fiasco was the Python 3 / 2.x breaking stuff. It’s still slowly being resolved.

Meanwhile – Ruby has gems – and has worked for years – and Perl has had CPAN.