Linux Mint

Years ago, I had ‘finally settled’ on a Linux distribution (‘distro’) that worked for me. Later, I switched to LinuxMint for several (dual-boot) machines and VMWare virtual machines.

Still really liking LinuxMint. One great feature for me: The ability to upgrade to new releases. Using the ‘update manager’ – there’s an option to upgrade. Just went from 18.1 to 18.2. No problems.



Starting to look into the Rust programming language. It’s new; all open source from the Mozilla folks. Start here:

Has a lot of neat features from many of the more modern functional and scripting languages.

Installed and running well on Windows. Using the latest/greatest of everything – what they call the “Nightly” build. Things change rapidly.

Integration with Microsoft’s Visual Studio Code text editor is good.

Database SQL

SQL Essential Training –

Big fan of The courses are free through my public library system – Hennepin County.

Here’s the SQL course. Liking it so far; the instructor is very good, and the tools used are a joy. A web-based interactive SQL tool that runs locally, and a complete CRUD app using PHP that also runs locally.

Django Python – Django

Completed this course from

“Learning Python and Django”

I *love* It’s free through Hennepin County Library.

C++ software development unit testing

Link: C++ Unit Testing

Really well done. I worked through the Feathers book on legacy code. Great book but samples were all Java. Makes it more of a challenge to translate to C++.

C++ tips for easier unit testing

Author:  Sami Pietikäinen