Windows 8

I caved on the Windows 8 Start thingy…

I promise to be a good boy scout and ‘go with the flow’ when I get my new Surface tablet computer.

in the mean time – I’ve installed this little helper to get back to my same level of productivity I had with Windows 7.

One change I made was to re-enable the ‘Windows key’ – so the Windows 8 tiles appear:


Windows 8

Windows Developer Camp 2012/08/23

main speaker: Jeff Brand


we were strongly advised to sign up for this:


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also: good to create a userID here (this is for an Azure cloud hosting account):


session: “Platform for Windows 8 Store Apps”

my take: Microsoft REALLY – REALLY wants developers to develop apps for their app store.


today’s session all about WinRT API’s:

     communications + data

     graphics & media

     devices & printing


language “projections”: a wrapper for Win32 API – looks like .NET or javascript API’s


session: html development / javascript / css

WinRT is kind of what was somewhat promised a long time ago – where the OS would be managed code.

asynchronous programming is the rule. dwight says, “about time they made is usable by mere humans.”

async and await keywords in c#

app lifecycle is neat; app can detect of shutdown OK; suspended; crashed; whatever.

WinJS seems kind of neat. Like jQuery and/or KnockoutJS frameworks. Can create WinRT apps with this.

‘Blend’ is integrated into vs2012. nice way to create xaml stuff.


session: windows store

“can make more money on ads than your app…”

trial, ads – easy to add to your app choices.


session: metro apps

don’t get overwhelemed by GUI / UI choices.

went through a nice example of how to create an app – including simple requirements and use cases.

the big 3: “Search; Share; Settings” – that all [metro] apps should implement


session: Mike Benkovich – Azure deployment / Visual Studio 2012 integration


mike has been working on Azure – the microsoft cloud stuff  // mike walked through building this app.

scaling is neat – truck hook up to connectors – instant data center; no building required


session: tiles, logos, icons (jeff brand again)



I have found that two .EXEs run these Win8 apps – they ‘own’ them: WWAHost.EXE; WSHost.EXE. They do NOT show as separate processes in taskmgr. Apparently, these two .EXEs are the WinRT host that runs as a Win32 process on Windows 8.


session: multitasking


only 1 WinRT app is running – the foreground app. others are suspended. that’s to save batteries.


RTC apps: ‘real time communication’: user will have to place your app on their ‘lock screen’


Lock Screen apps run in bkg; realtime stuff; run code periodically; run in response to system events. “use the cloud” for event.


session: media, Windows.Media API’s


“GDIPlus long dead and forgotten.”  It’s all DirectX now, kids.


sensors: shake, rotate, gyro; light sensors; GPS


link: : download all samples


only way to install WinRT app outside of store: need visual studio installed…create app package…place on local folder…copy to another machine that has visual studio installed. “side loaded”. run a powershell script as-administrator. OR…if you have Enterprise edition of windows8…AND have group policy enabled…


Windows USB fix

On one of my windows boxes I was simply unable to use my favorite backlit keyboard.  It’s a USB device.

After much frustration – I found that copying this file from another machine fixed it:

C:\Windows\inf> dir usb.inf
Directory of C:\Windows\inf
11/20/2010 10:28 PM 42,536 usb.inf

I do a lot of cleaning (and deep cleaning); my bad for clobbering that file.


IE 9 / Javascript fix

New notebook computer; I always clean out as much crap as possible.

Apparently – I cleaned too much. Was unable to run any web page with Javascript. Also, found out later that Windows Media Player failed.

Tried all the usual things – add/remove IE, WMP, whatever.

What worked:

run regsvr32 on all these: