Video: Intro to Objective-C (for iOS apps)

This guy kind of reminds me of me.

  • I’m not intimidated. I know enough of C and C++ to work with this. The problem will be getting familiar with the standard libraries and the XCode IDE.
  • Interesting to see the Smalltalk lineage to Objective-C.
  • The presenter, Phil Nash, has authored a C++ unit testing framework. That’s what got my attention when I came across this presentation.
Apple iOS

Today, I bit the bullet.

That is, I bought a little Mac notebook computer – just to get a grip on developing iOS applications.

Apple raises the bar really high for this sort of thing: You need to actually have an Apple Macintosh computer just to write Mac apps. My guess it that is a core portion of their business model: They will sell at least as many Mac computers as there are developers that want to target iOS.

OK. So I am a sucker too. With me luck. One of the first links I’ve saved in Evernote is this one. That’s because threading / concurrency / async is still the most challenging stuff for me. As long as I’m not using Erlang, that is.