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“Learning Python and Django”

I *love* It’s free through Hennepin County Library.


Using Python 2.x and 3.x on Windows

This works for me. I’m not using Python’s virtualenv stuff. Yet.

I use the excellent ActivePython distributions for Windows from ActiveState:

Install the 2.x and 3.x flavors. You should see a package named ‘pythonselect’. That gives you the pysel command:

C:\>pip list

pythonselect (1.3)

C:\>where pysel

// which Python are we running? looks like 3.4:
* Python 3.4
Python 2.7 (type “pysel 2.7” to set as current)

C:\Users\dwight>python –version
Python 3.4.3

// switch to Python 2.7:
C:\>pysel 2.7
Python 3.4 (type “pysel 3.4” to set as current)
* Python 2.7

// exit the command line shell, and open a new command line shell instance:

// which Python are we running? looks like 2.7:
Python 3.4 (type “pysel 3.4” to set as current)
* Python 2.7

C:\>python –version
Python 2.7.10


It’s not just me: The long tortured history of Python packaging

I was not able to “get it” over the years – because it changed about every 10 minutes. Buy a book – and it was obsolete before it was printed.

The only other Python fiasco was the Python 3 / 2.x breaking stuff. It’s still slowly being resolved.

Meanwhile – Ruby has gems – and has worked for years – and Perl has had CPAN.


Python + cheap web hosting == mostly a big fail

This is the kind of pain and goofiness I went through for several years trying to get Python web apps up and running on one cheap web hosting provider. Ended up only using PHP with that hosting service – and the only problem then was that their version of PHP was pathetically out of date.

Switched over to WebFaction and have enjoyed the ease with which Python web apps can be deployed.