C++ software development unit testing

Link: C++ Unit Testing

Really well done. I worked through the Feathers book on legacy code. Great book but samples were all Java. Makes it more of a challenge to translate to C++.

C++ tips for easier unit testing

Author:  Sami Pietikäinen

software development

Not using Atom text editor anymore

Just seemed kind of ‘heavy’ on my Windows machines.

So, back to using SublimeText 3. Loads fast.

chocolatey software development

Chocolatey presentation

Chocolatey is a CLI-based package manager for Windows that is sort of like apt-get.

chocolatey website :

here’s the GitHub repo with the slides:

for the full “new box” setup experience, use boxstarter.

software development

This guy read my mind.

software development unit testing

the kind of little ‘win’ that I feel good about.

Neat. Able to recreate the problem.


please eyeball the VERIFY… items in the screenshot below.

Note that the SUCCEEDED() macro ‘succeeds’ – even though the HRESULT is equal to S_FAIL.


click for a larger view.