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Learning Markdown

I *love*‘s courses. They are included free from my local public library system –

And – this Markdown course is very good. Great, even.

However: I am ANGRY and ANNOYED that Markdown even exists. What? Yet another markup language? Supposedly dumbed-down – a layer over HTML?

I just don’t get it. Utter nonsense. Oh well. By the way: This is an excellent site for creating and editing Markdown documents:


Using Python 2.x and 3.x on Windows

This works for me. I’m not using Python’s virtualenv stuff. Yet.

I use the excellent ActivePython distributions for Windows from ActiveState:

Install the 2.x and 3.x flavors. You should see a package named ‘pythonselect’. That gives you the pysel command:

C:\>pip list

pythonselect (1.3)

C:\>where pysel

// which Python are we running? looks like 3.4:
* Python 3.4
Python 2.7 (type “pysel 2.7” to set as current)

C:\Users\dwight>python –version
Python 3.4.3

// switch to Python 2.7:
C:\>pysel 2.7
Python 3.4 (type “pysel 3.4” to set as current)
* Python 2.7

// exit the command line shell, and open a new command line shell instance:

// which Python are we running? looks like 2.7:
Python 3.4 (type “pysel 3.4” to set as current)
* Python 2.7

C:\>python –version
Python 2.7.10

software development

Not using Atom text editor anymore

Just seemed kind of ‘heavy’ on my Windows machines.

So, back to using SublimeText 3. Loads fast.

text editors

Started using Atom text editor.

No major complaints with SublimeText, but Atom sounds way cool.

Installing on various Windows and Linux boxes.

Ooops! only 64-bit builds (.DEB) available for Linux. Ouch.

chocolatey software development

Chocolatey presentation

Chocolatey is a CLI-based package manager for Windows that is sort of like apt-get.

chocolatey website :

here’s the GitHub repo with the slides:

for the full “new box” setup experience, use boxstarter.